Want a website but have no idea where to start?

I find that the hardest part about creating a website is the planning and it’s this stage that is often overlooked.

So many times I’ve took on a client that has NO IDEA what they want on their website, how they want it to look or even any content! It makes the job so much more difficult.

Which is why, I will have a mini planning session with them, talk about their ideas, look at different layouts and go over what they need on their website.

You may think you don’t know what you want, but believe you me, when you get going you tend to find that you really did have ideas buried deep all along.

My best (and most favourite!) websites are those of clients that have known exactly what they want, they seem to really shine through on their websites and they get completed much quicker!

But where do you start?

This is exactly why I put together the perfect plan!

Over 5 days we are going to go over:

  • Getting clear on your business and who the website is for
  • Branding
  • What pages do you need
  • The customer journey
  • Planning Your layout

And all in a beautiful workbook so you can keep it all in one place!

Each day you will get a video helping you out with a certain section of the workbook and you are free to ask questions in the Facebook group at anytime!

The first Perfectly Planned Website Challenge will start on the 6th January 2020.

The only way to get the workbook is to join the challenge!

So are you ready to create your perfectly planned website?

Who am I?

I’m Lisa, also known as Website Wonder Woman and I have been learning all about the world of websites for a number of years – launching my first website back in 2008. I have now run my website business, creating, supporting and training women in business since 2015.

I’m not saying that I know it all but I know a hell of a lot when it comes to websites and WordPress, as I am constantly learning and have a passion for creativity and all things technological!

This means you don’t have to spend hours trawling You Tube and the rest of the internet for hours and hours trying to figure out where on earth you need to even start from!

I’m also very good at explaining things SIMPLY and EASILY so that even the most technophobe amongst you will be able to follow.

Lisa’s support and knowledge has been invaluable whilst we have worked together in setting up my new online programme. She is very patient and takes everything step by step. I would highly recommend Lisa to any women in business who needs that extra support.


Cassandra Farren

I can’t praise Lisa enough. She is friendly, helpful, makes all the techi stuff understandable. Most of all she really is Wonder Woman and so fast at replying and sorting any issues I need help with. So glad I found her.


Amanda Tooke

She and I worked together to build a new website in only 2 days! Since them Lisa has been on hand day and night to assist me with my complex questions and those questions we think are stupid she is more than happy to answer with the reassurance of no question is stupid. I’ve made a real friend in Lisa and would recommend her to anyone for business advice. I will continue to use Lisa’s services as long as I run a website.


Emma Connell

Thank you so, so much Lisa for saving my life when my old website crashed and burned! It was a complete nightmare especially right in the middle of launching a new membership round and god knows what else! Not only are you very professional, you were also extremely patient with me as I am a complete techno donkey! So, thank you! And if any of you are sitting on the fence about getting a new website done, choose Lisa!


Amanda Ayres

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