Easy Website Hosting

You’ve finally bought your domain name (if not then check out my how to guide here)

So what do you do with it now?

You need your own piece of real estate on the internet to show off what is you actually do and get customers to buy your wonderful products or services!

This is where easy website hosting comes in and it’s what you need to get your domain name and website online by ‘renting’ your own little bit of the internet to store your website files.

I offer two different hosting packages, as shown below, that are simple and straightforward for you to choose from.

If you have a basic website with around 5-10 pages and don’t have a high amount of traffic then standard is perfect (but please note there are memory and other limits).

If you have a larger website, lots of images, an E commerce or membership/directory site or have (or anicipate) high volumes of traffic then advanced is the one for you as it’s unlimited.